Helenere Bio-Line E.P.C Complex

All Skin Type

Helenere Hydralia (50ml)
Hydrating and protective day cream that soothes dry skins and restores the skin’s brightness. The epidermis is better anchored and hydrated, the wrinkles are reduced. Directions for use: Apply every morning to face and neck. 
CAD: $75.00
USD: $57.69
Helenere Hydratonic (200ml)
The Hydratonic lotion without alcohol with a purifying action that soothens and clarifies the skin. It contains and hydrating agents preparing the epidermis for successive daily cares. Directions for use: Apply morning and evening to face and neck; it can also be used throughout the day to refresh the skin.
CAD: $57.00
USD: $43.85
Helenere Lactapur (200ml)
The Laptapur is very soft and silky make-up remover. It is softly cleanses and dissolves make-up and impurities and gives the skin a luminous and clean aspect. Directions for use: Apply morning and evening to face and neck with a light massage and remove with cotton wools.
CAD: $55.00
USD: $42.31


Helenere Quartz Peel (50ml)
This exfoliating cream with quartz deeply dissolves the impurities and the dead cells and tighten the pores. Clearer, the skin is also softer. Apply one or twice a week before using any masks on your skin; for a perfect result, apply Hydratonic (V201) tonic lotion after the peeling and after the mask
CAD: $59.00
USD: $45.38

Dry Skin

Helenere Nutrivia I (50ml)
The Nutrivia I  is nourishing and regenerating night cream.
CAD: $99.00
USD: $76.15

Mature Skin

Helenere Nutrivia II (50ml)
The Nutrivia II prevents ageing and regenerates the skin. Nutriva II speeds up the cell renewal process and increases the natural moist level of the skin with protecting it against premature skin ageing. Type of skin: mixed skin types, especially mature skin. Directions for use: Apply every evening with a light massage to perfectly cleansed face and neck.
CAD: $99.00
USD: $76.15


Helenere Renewing Mask (50ml)
Rare Clay Mask Purifying cream mask with rare clays that efficienty cleanses and refines skin lines while restoring brightness and freshness to the complexion.
CAD: $72.00
USD: $55.38
Helenere Hydramask (50ml)
Regenerating Cream Mask Highly regenerating and hydrating cream mask with strong efficiency as it restores in a few minutes the hydration level needed by the skin while purifying it. The complexion is fresh and bright.
CAD: $73.00
USD: $56.15

Eye Care

Helenere Eyerem E.P.C. (200ml)
The Eyerem Eye Make-up Remover gently removes and perfectly eliminates all traces of make up for eyelids and eyelashes.
CAD: $68.00
USD: $52.31
Helenere Contour (30ml)
The Eye Contour Cream is the second cream designed specifically for your eyes among the Helenere lines. This highly regenerating cream fights ageing marks by revitalizing and repairing the fragile epidermis around the eyes. It soothens the eyelids and improves the skin’s elasticity. Wrinkles and circles are reduced. Directions for use: Apply morning and/or evening with gentle taps around the eyes.
CAD: $83.00
USD: $63.85