Helenere Bio-Line Cellular Complex

Age Defying

Helenere Perfect Neck Lifting (30ml)
Perfect Neck Lifting is a moisturising serum which helps to reduce signs of ageing while firming and toning the delicate neck area.  Warm in the palms and apply to the skin before day or night cream.
CAD: $129.00
USD: $99.23
Helenere A.C.E. Complex (30ml)
The A.C.E. Complex is light cream, highly regenerating, and enriched with Vitamins C, E and A. It will re-boost the cell renewal process and improve the condition of the blood vessels.
CAD: $129.00
USD: $99.23
Helenere Ceramide Rejuvena (50ml)
Rich and nourishing cellular night cream enriched with ceramide. In ensures comfort and suppleness to the skin while toning and regenerating it. To apply very evening on perfectly cleansed face and neck; it can be used as an intensive treatment after the application of Bio-Serum
CAD: $160.00
USD: $123.08
Helenere Present Perfect (30ml)
Highly regenerating cellular emulsion that erases skin imperfections, wrinkles and fine lines. Its mattifying power makes it an excellent make-up basis. You can use it as a day cream or before make-up. 
CAD: $115.00
USD: $88.46
Helenere Bio-Serum (30ml)
Helenere Bio Serum Cellular Activator is a highly restructuring and revitalizing cellular serum.Type of skin: devitalized, dry and normal skin.  Benefits:reduces wrinkles and smoothes tight musclesBoosts the cell renewal processRestores the hydro-lipid filmgives the firmness and suppleness of the skin Active Ingredients:
CAD: $135.00
USD: $103.85


Helenere Cellular Mask (50ml)
Hydrating regenerating and revitalizing mask that stimulates the cellular activity, deeply hydrates and tonifies the epidermis. It soothens wrinkles, diminishes fine lines and re-equilibrates the PH of your skin. Directions for use: Apply once or twice a week to perfectly cleansed face.
CAD: $119.00
USD: $91.54

Eye Care

Helenere Perfect Eye Lifting (30ml)
The Perfect Eye Lifting reduces wrinkles and fine lines and lightens dark shadows. It is highly restructuring and hydrating serum for the eye contour. Gives suppleness and elasticity to the delicate area around the eyes. Type of skin: All skin types. 
CAD: $131.00
USD: $100.77
Helenere Cellular Eye Mask (50ml)
The Cellular Eye Mask for the area around the eyes that stimulates cell regeneration. It has a decongestant effect, soothes and tonifies the eye contour while giving a confortable feeling. Apply once or twice a week to perfectly cleansed eyes.
CAD: $105.00
USD: $80.77
Helenere Ceramide Eyezone (30ml)
The Ceramide Eyezone Cream enriched with ceramide is designed only for your eyes: it diminished wrinkles and dark circles, prevents swollen eyelids and preserves suppleness and firmness of the zones around the eyes.
CAD: $119.00
USD: $91.54