Dermalogica Shave

All Skin Type

Dermalogica Invigorating Shave Gel (180ml)
New Invigorating Gel cooling  perfect for a barber-close, pain-free shave. New formula helps combat irritation, reddening and mechanical peeling associated with shaving. Besides this soothes and helps control discomfort while helping to lift beard hair, eliminate microorganisms while helping to calm and soothe skin before shaving and hydrates the skin. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors. Directions for use: Apply to clean, damp skin. Shave, rinsing blade often. Rinse shaved area. Type of skin: All skin types.
CAD: $24.00
USD: $18.46
Dermalogica Soothing Shaving Cream ( 180ml)
This nourishing shave cream allows you to shave with comfort and ease. Aloe vera, allantoin, comfrey and panthenol soothe and boost the skin's post-shave healing. Yeast extract aids in cell renewal, hyaluronic acid provides plumping moisture, antioxidants neutralize free radicals a rich blend of botanicals create an invigorating, masculine aroma. Its slick texture creates a friction-free shave, making Soothing Shave Cream ideal for beards of any type and head shaving. For extra thick beards or super sensitive skin, pair Soothing Shave Cream with Pre-Shave Guard.
CAD: $24.00
USD: $18.46
Dermalogica Close Shave Oil (30ml)
Invigorating Shave Gel is designed for those who prefer to shave with an oil-free gel. Its clear texture makes shaving easy by allowing you to see which areas demand more attention. Wheat germ and yeast calm and boost skin healing while vitamin E softens and conditions. Tea tree and clove flower calm and comfort, hyaluronic acid plumps with moisture and menthol invigorates skin with cooling benefits. The result is smooth, irritation-free skin. Directions for use: Shake a few drops into wet palm and smooth over dampened area to be shaved. Rinse razor often. Rinse shaved area.
CAD: $27.00
USD: $20.77
Dermalogica Post-Shave balm (50ml)
Post Shave Balm uses calming botanicals and other ingredients to comfort just-shaved skin while providing a smooth, matte finish. Its cooling texture melts into the skin without sticky or heavy residue, helping to diminish redness and irritation. Free of artificial fragrances and colorants, Post Shave Balm removes dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hairs and blemishes as it imparts softening moisture for a fresh, clean feel. Skin is soft, perfectly smooth and wonderfully clear. Directions for use: Apply to recently shaved areas of the face, neck or body.
CAD: $34.00
USD: $26.15
Dermalogica Daily Defense Block (100ml)
This non-chalky sunblock is free of artificial fragrance and colorants and is suitable for all skin types. Its lightweight formula absorbs into the skin without greasy or white residue, providing invisible and comfortable protection. UV smart booster technology supplies increased protection against UV damage in order to prevent premature skin aging, sunburn and even skin cancer. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals while conditioning the skin, enhancing softness and suppleness. With daily use, the skin takes on a healthy tone and texture with a shine-free, natural finish.
CAD: $43.00
USD: $33.08
Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub ( 120ml)
This exfoliating scrub contains salicylic acid, willow bark extract and silica to thoroughly remove oils and dead, dulling skin cells while a rich lather lifts hairs up and away from the skin for a smoother shave. Antioxidant white birch and lemon extracts neutralize free radicals and provide astringent benefits. The skin takes on a fresh, bright appearance, and is perfectly prepped for a non-irritating, ingrown hair-free shave. Directions for use: To begin with Apply scrub to damp face and neck in circular motions. Concentrate on areas of oiliness and beard growth.
CAD: $32.00
USD: $24.62
Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard (74g)
Pre-Shave Guard is designed to be used under Soothing Shave Cream to provide extra comfort while shaving a heavy beard or the head. Cooling camphor softens the hairs and lifts them away from the skin for a close shave while clove flower oil heals and prevents razor burn. Wheat germ and yeast extracts banish the irritation, redness and peeling often caused by shaving, leaving the skin smooth and calm. Free of artificial colors and fragrances, as well as high-alkaline ingredients.
CAD: $31.50
USD: $24.23
Dermalogica Clean Bar (142 g)
The Bar is everything that soap isn't! In fact, it performs like your favorite Dermalogica cleansers, in convenient bar form. The Bar is opposite of harsh, alkaline soaps. Soap-free, non-animal-derived agents gently remove excess oils and debris without stripping the skin's natural moisture barrier or leaving the face taut or dry. As always, this soap-free bar is completely free of irritating artificial fragrances and colors found in most soap, making it ideal for even the most sensitized skin.
CAD: $23.50
USD: $18.08