Derma MD Moisturizers

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Derma MD Copper Co-Q10 Moisturizer (30ml)
A multi-task mineral moisturizer in a light creamy texture with hints of vanilla scent.  Formulated to calm redness, and help reduce appearance of redness found with rosacea skin types.  Used daily, the appearance of fine lines, redness and wrinkles will be less noticeable. The copper peptide complex helps repair and improve collagen levels.  Additional ingredients such as ceramides 3;6;1; and panthenol (vitamin B5) will increase moisture retention, leaving skin hydrated, moisturized & looking younger.
CAD: $89.90
USD: $69.15
Derma MD Intense Healing Soy Moisturizer (120ml)
This smooth creamy formulation formulated to help repair dry, irritated, cracked skin sometimes found with conditions such as eczema. Soy bean oil helps to reduce inflammation.  Shea butter, olive oil, and rose hips seed oil will increase moisture retention, and additional conditioning ingredients such as algae will help to hydrate. Skin will be softer, less red and smoother. Excellent when used on broken fissures in heels, and callouses to increase smoothness and hydration. Also can be used after various non-invasive cosmetic procedures to keep skin and moist.
CAD: $89.00
USD: $68.46