Derma MD Hero For Men

All Skin Type

Derma MD Hero Power Wash (240 ml)
A unique formulation developed especially for the man who wants to reduce razor bumps, and have a close smooth shave, while skin is conditioned at same time. Benefits: Digest skin cells leaving skin soft and smooth; Soothing and calming; Moisturizing-non drying Reduces razor bumps. Key Ingredients: Pineapple & Papaya-Exfoliates; Chamomile-Soothes skin; Avocado Oil-Hydrates & moisturizes  
CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92
Derma MD Hero Knock-Out Eye Fatigue (15ml)
Hyloxyl and Eyeliss are two of the most recognized peptides developed to reduce under eye dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.  Additional anti-aging ingredients will hydrate and improve contour, leaving eyes more youthful looking.  Benefits: Improve collagen production; Reduces fine lines and wrinkles; Reduce under eye dark circles; Reduce pufiness; Fight free radicals; Increase moisture retention. Directions for use: Apply small amount all around eye area, under eye and on brow bone 2 x daily.
CAD: $36.00
USD: $27.69


Derma MD Gravity Force Firming  Serum (50ml)
A lightly musk scented serum formulated with antioxidants, and hydrating ingredients to help reverse signs of aging skin. Vitamin E and Astaxanthin (red algae) will protect skin from free radicals that cause collagen breakdown, while additional ingredients such as retinyl palmitate will increase collagen levels, lessen appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin will be soft, smooth, conditioned, toned, and have a more youthful appearance.  No man should be without it!
CAD: $53.90
USD: $41.46