Derma MD Cleansers and Tonners

All Skin Type

Antioxidant Cleanser w Peppermint & Green Tea (240ml)
A proprietary formulation combined with multiple anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Stimulating properties of peppermint will keep skin feeling uplifted, feeling fresh. Aloe vera ge, witch hazel and vitamin B5 (dex panthenol) will effectively increase moisture and reduce inflammation, while other ingredients will condition, leaving skin soft, supple, protected and hydrated. Benefits: Increases moisture retention;  Protect from free radicals;  Reduces inflammation;  Stimulates Softens.
CAD: $44.95
USD: $34.58
Derma MD Kiwi-Grapefruit-Toner ( 240 ml)
A refreshing light-weight toner using essential oils, witch hazel, comfrey extract and aloe vera gel. Formulated to remove residual grease and oil from the face while conditioning, leaving it soft and hydrated. Benefits:Hydrates; Non-drying; Conditions. Directions for use: Apply toner onto cotton ball or gauze and dab entire facial area. Avoid getting into eyes. Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel-Soothing; Witch Hazel Extract-astringent; Glycerin-Conditions & hydrates. 
CAD: $38.00
USD: $29.23
Derma MD Enzymatic Cleanser w. Papaya & Pineapple ( 120ml)
The mild enzymes of pineapple and papaya combined with chamomile and additional plant extracts, will gently digest dead skin cells leaving it soft, hydrated and feeling fresh. Enzymes are non-abrasive to the skin.
CAD: $24.90
USD: $19.15