Decleor Exfoliation and Masks


All Skin Type

More than just a scrub, a radiance revealing treatment! This product has a formula enriched with essential fatty acids, trace elements and mineral vitamins. Life Radiance Scrub brings all the essential nutrients together for a smooth, radiant looking skin.
CAD: $45.00
USD: $34.62
Decleor Radiance Revealing Peel-Off Mask is rich in vitamins which provide the vitality the skin needs, leaving the complexion deeply cleansed and incredibly smooth. For an immediate new skin effect, this mask dries rapidly and has a peel off texture. Refining peel-off mask eliminates dead skin cells, tightens and smoothes.
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
Specially formulated to soften the effects of time, this mask helps the skin to rediscover its original vital strength. This global anti-ageing skin care mask combines an innovative Phyto-Age Complex with a unique cocktail of 4 Essential Oils to act directly on wrinkles, loss of firmness and pigmentation irregularities. Presented in a set of 8 individual tubes, you can afford to indulge in this gentle skincare step at home, on a weekend break, or even on holiday.
CAD: $98.00
USD: $75.38
For All Skin Types.HYDRA FLORAL ANTI-POLLUTION "FLOWER PETALS EYE AND LIP MOISTURISING MASK is a new-generation intensive moisturiser specially formulated for fragile areas (eyes and lips).It features the "drip-feed" hydration system, reinforced by the technology of aquaporins, true "water channels", combined with an anti-pollution plant active ingredient.
CAD: $47.00
USD: $36.15
For all skin types. This gree clay mask does two things at once - its delicious cream formula both purifies and softens your skin. Key ingredients: Plant extracts of camomile, peach, grapefruit, bilberry and ginseng. Use at least once a week and up to three times a week if your skin is particularly stubborn, apply a medium-layer of a Decleor mask. Leave it to act for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. By exfoliating beforehand you'll intensify results by enhancing the absorption of active plant extracts with softening properties.
CAD: $41.00
USD: $31.54
For combination-oily skinMASQUE PURIFIANT REGULATEUR has a special phyto-aromatic formula that deep-cleanses the skin.� Cleansing:it visibly cleanses the skin without drying it.� Absorbent:it helps to eliminate impurities and to balance combination and oily skins.� Clarifying:it revives even the dullest of complexions, tightening the pores and refining skin texture.Clean, toned and radiant, your skin glows with freshness.USAGE:
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
For All Skin Types.  Hydra Floral Anti-pollution "Flower Essence" Moisturising Mask is a new-generation intensive moisturiser. It features the "drip-feed" hydrating system, reinforced by the technology of aquaporins, ture "water channels" combined with an anti-pollution plant active ingredient. Like a bouquet of moisture beneath a veil of anti-pollution care, this rich mask with its "water-cream" texture: immediately relaxes the skin and quenches its thirst, intensely replenishes and moisturises, potects against pollution.
CAD: $45.00
USD: $34.62

Dry Skin

For All Skin Types. A creamy texture that is easy to apply, this purifying mask absorbs excess sebum and deep cleans the pores to eliminate impurities. What�s more you know when it is ready to remove as the green colour you see when first applied changes to white telling you it is time to rinse away with warm water!  
CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92


For all skin types. Phytopeel - Face Peel. Here is one in the form of a pretty, pearly cream, containing clay, which deep cleanses and smooths your skin. Freed from is impurities, your skin regains its radiance and its texture is refined. Key ingredients: Essential oils of majoram, lavender, lemon, thyme, extracts of burdock, elder and mallow. No particles: the exfoliating effect comes from ingenious formulation. Use circular movements to sweep away the dead cells, remove the excess with tonic. Results: Gentle treatment for your skin.
CAD: $43.00
USD: $33.08
For all skin types. This gel contains apricot mico-particles which are so tiny that they can work precisely to loosen all the dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth and refined. Key ingredients: Particles of apricot micro talc, papaya extract, eweet almond plant oil. Benefits: An innovation texture.  fine-grained scrub that is quick and easy to use. The pefect complexion reviver.
CAD: $41.00
USD: $31.54

Mature Skin

For Mature Skin, Immediately, your skin looks lifted and glows with new-found radiance. Every day, it is visibly firmer and more toned. An intensive anti-ageing treatment with corrective action on wrinkles, firmness and radiance, which energises and boosts the natural functions of your skin. Its secret? At the heart of this product, with its "lifting" and ultra-fresh texture, is a unique formulation that unites "patch-effect" anti-wrinkle and firming technology with a "peeling-effect" radiance-enhancing action. For triple beauty performance.
CAD: $56.00
USD: $43.08


For all skin types. INTENSIVE GENTLE HYDRATING MASK with Phyto-Aromatic SourcesHYDRA FLORAL MASK is an intensive yet gentle moisturizing concentrate. Thanks to its gradual "drip feed" moisturizing action, this intensive treatment:  immediately quenches and relaxes,  intensely replenishes,  provides a long-lasting miniaturization.Thanks to a cocktail naturally rich in powerful moisturizing active ingredients, it offers your skin a natural moisturizing boost for immediate well-being and lasting comfort.
For very dry skin. An intensive cereal mask. Wholesome enough for even the most famished skin, this nutritious blend includes reparative extracts of quinoa and sesame, plus comforting angélique essential oil. Directions: Once or twice a week, apply a thick layer to cleansed face and neck. Leave on for ten minutes then remove any excess with DERMO FLORAL TONIC LOTION.
For mature skin. Provides mature skin with ten minutes of intensive treatment to fight the effects of time, helping to restimulate vital functions and the skin natural restructuring process.
For Sensitive Skin. A true haven of calm to soothe and ease sensitive and reactive skin.Specially selected for their soothing and balancing properties.Plant Polyphenols and Essential Oils give your skin a reason to smile again. Usage: Once or twice a week, apply a thick layer over a cleansed face and neck. Leave on for ten minutes, then remove excess with Cleansing Water.