Darphin Eye and Lip Treatment


All Skin Type

This rich emollient for the delicate eye area helps smooth lines and wrinkles, nourish and uplift the look of the eye contour. Use Darphin STIMULSKIN PLUS Eye Contour Cream after your appropriate Darphin Eye Serum.
CAD: $150.00
USD: $115.38
This silky soft Darphin eye cream with a powerful combination of natural and high-tech ingredients that help reduce the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles around the eye contour as it visibly renews natural glow and restores suppleness. The eye contour is smoother, softer and radiant-looking.
CAD: $100.00
USD: $76.92
With its ultra-light texture, this eye gel softens and hydrates the delicate area around the eye while providing a targeted youth defense for the entire eye contour. The complete vital strength of the walnut tree and the energizing effects of caffeine are the perfect recipe for smooth, revitalized eyes.  
CAD: $48.00
USD: $36.92
Aromatic, age-defying lip balm in a rich, indulgent, creamy formula, instantly melts onto the lips. Nourishes, smoothes the appearance of lines and renews suppleness. Lips appear softer, smoother, plumper...rejuvenated
CAD: $54.00
USD: $41.54
This intensive age-defying eye serum helps lift, firm and smooth the appearance of the eye area while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Follow the Darphin Lifting and Firming Eye Serum application with your appropriate Darphin Eye Cream.
CAD: $110.00
USD: $84.62
This weightless, high potency serum soothes and renews fatigued eyes, marked with puffiness and dark circles, restoring a calmer, more even well-rested appearance to the eye area. Follow the Darphin Dark Circles Relief and De-Puffing Eye Serum application with your appropriate Darphin Eye Cream.
CAD: $90.00
USD: $69.23
For all skin types. Gently remove eye makeup, and soothe and calm the delicate skin around the eyes, with Darphin Aromatic Eye Makeup Remover. The gentle lotion formula: Removes makeup without burning the eyes. Decongests and soothes the fragile and age-prone eye area. Calms puffy, swollen, and sensitive eyes. Botanical ingredients include: Chamomile and rose, to soothe and calm. Cornflower and linden blossom, to relieve congestion. To remove eye makeup, and as often as needed to soothe eyes. Apply a small amount to a cotton pad. For all skin types.
CAD: $64.00
USD: $49.23
For all skin types. Prevent the first signs of aging with Arovita Eye and Lip Contour Gel, a plant-powered formula from Paris. The gel emulsion:  Moisturizes and decongests the delicate skin around the eyes. Helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Botanical ingredients include: Horsetail, to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  Rose, to soften and refine the grain of the skin. Chamomile, witch hazel, and linden blossom, to soothe and decongest. Orchid, to tone and revitalize.
CAD: $102.00
USD: $78.46
For All Skin Types. This cooling pampering treatment for the delicate eye area refreshes and smoothes, giving eyes a brighter, revitalized appearance. Follow application with appropriate eye Serum and Cream. Ingredients: Cucumber, Meadowsweet and Centella asiatica extracts, Wheat proteins  
CAD: $90.00
USD: $69.23
For All Skin Types. Protects you lips from external aggresssions (sun, cold, lipstick pigments), and repairs dry and chapped lips. Active ingredients: aloe, shea butter, carnauba wax.  
CAD: $28.00
USD: $21.54


This unique touch-up stick delivers an instant sheer radiance as it hydrates, soothes and brightens the under-eye area. Perfect alone or over make-up to refresh and chase signs of fatigue. Apply Darphin Instantly Radiant any time of the day.For all skin type.
For All Skin Types. Give eyes a more youthful appearance with Darphin Oil-Free Fibrogene Intensive Eye Contour. The restorative, moisturizing, and firming complex: Firms the skin around the eyes. Smoothes and softens skin. Diminishes signs of aging.
For All Skin Types. Diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes with Oil-Free Vitaserum 40 Eye Contour, from Darphin.
Antiaging defense system for your eyes.  Fight the signs of aging with breakthrough technology from Darphin�Stimulskin Plus Eye Contour. Creates a more youthful-looking, firmer eye contour area with continued use. Treats all your eye contour concerns: dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. Key ingredients: Deepsane - which stimulates the immune system to form a protective barrier against environmental irritants such as pollution and smoke. This optimizes cell regeneration and helps fight signs of aging.