Darphin Body and Sun Care


For Body

This refreshing, energizing contouring body gel improves the appearance of cellulite as it tones and firms skin.
CAD: $100.00
USD: $76.92
This Darphin bath and shower aromatic foam gel for the body leaves skin fresh, soft and subtly scented with a bouquet blend of 6 Essential Oils.
CAD: $54.00
USD: $41.54
This delightful, hydrating Darphin body milk, enriched with a bouquet blend of 6 Essential Oils, renews silky suppleness and releases a subtle uplifting fragrances that leaves skin delicately scented.
CAD: $80.00
USD: $61.54
This light-textured Darphin cream is enriched with plant extracts and vitamins. Instantly absorbed, it leaves skin soft and supple and helps to combat the early signs of skin aging. It also strengthens nails and can be used effectively on feet.
CAD: $54.00
USD: $41.54
A nourishing, smoothing Darphin body scrub developed with natural and organic ingredients. Containing a subtle blend of essential oils and three exfoliating ingredients, this translucent aromatic gel texture is enriched with visible natural cranberry extracts, bamboo particles and silica powder for a multi-level exfoliating scrub. This scrub transforms into a gentle, nourishing milk on contact with water revealing softer, smoother, more supple skin
CAD: $80.00
USD: $61.54


For All Skin Types. Toning oil. Formulated with powerful contouring extracts, this unique toning and firming oil effectively combats against skin slackening. Its light texture soaks quickly in the skin to help minimize imperfections. Work in a circular motion over entire body, both morning and evening for a soft, youthful looking appearance. Dermatologist tested  
For All Skin Types.A soothing bath that leaves your regenerated�plant-powered HydroRELAX Gentle Foaming Gel. From Darphin's HydroRELAX line, natural treatments designed to transform your bathroom into a sumptuous, infinitely soothing mini-spa. Relaxes the body and rebalances inner energy with malachite, a semiprecious mineral extract. Turns the water a soothing lagoon-blue color. Relaxes with lotus and waterlily extracts. Rich in essentials oils of lavender and sandalwood.  6.7 ounces.  
For All Skin Types.Treat your skin to a softening, nourishing cocktail with plant-powered Nourishing Body Care. From Darphin's HydroRELAX line, natural treatments designed to transform your bathroom into a sumptuous, infinitely soothing mini-spa. Melts into the skin, leaving it instantly satin-smooth. Rich, silky, blue toned. Enriched with shea butter and cotton oil. Subtly scented with essential oils of lavender, mandarin, rose, and sandalwood. Also rich with extracts of bamboo, waterlily, and the semiprecious mineral malachite.  Apply all over the body,
For All Skin Types.Renew your skin by washing away impurities and roughness with plant-powered HydroRELAX Exfoliating body cream. From Darphin's HydroRELAX line, natural treatments designed to transform your bathroom into a sumptuous, infinitely soothing mini-spa. Deeply cleans, smoothes, and softens skin. Prepares skin for moisturizers that follow. Enriched with naturally exfoliating Diatoma microparticles bamboo and lotus extracts. Subtly fragranced with rose and lavender essential oils. Use two to three times a week, concentrating on knees, elbows, and the h
For All Skin Types. This shower cream bathes your skin in a veil of softness and leaves it satin-smooth. Its creamy texture cleanses the most delicate epidermis while maintaining its moisture level. Extracts of Bamboo, Lotus and Water Lily restore and relax the skin. Lavender and Tangerine Essential Oils give your showering routine a touch of sheer delight and relaxation.  
For All Skin Types. Get a faster, safer tan with Darphin Soleil Autobronzant, self-tanning cream for face and body. The light cream: Prepares skin for sun exposure. Rapidly produces a golden, even tan. Activates the natural sun tanning process.  Absorbs quickly.  Has a light, pleasant scent. Botanical ingredients include: Shea butter.  Extracts of aloe vera and lily. Apply every three hours until you reach the tan you desire. Re-apply every two or three days, as you wish.  
For All Skin Types. This lusciously-rich, quick-absorbing body cream firms as it helps skin recapture lost elasticity and improves resilience for an overall smooth, toned appearance. Ingredients: Remoduline Imperata cylindrica Lemon, Orange and Bergamot Essential Oils  
For All Skin Types. This silky-smooth body lotion provides essential moisture to comfort and soften moisture-depleted skin. This light, fast-absorbing body lotion formula tones as it renews suppleness. Ingredients: Macadamia Seed Oil Sodium Hyaluronate Remoduline Extract Imperata Cylindrica Lemon, Orange and Bergamot Essential Oils
For All Skin Types. This light absorbent blend of beneficial oils and anti-oxidants smoothes, invigorates and tones skin, while uplifting, energizing fragrance stimulates the senses. Ingredients: Macadamia Muscat Rose Lemon, Orange and Bergamot essential oils Vitamins C and E  
For All Skin Types. This light, quickly-absorbed hand cream, enriched with Mulberry and Grape extracts, Sweet Almond and Cotton oil, Vitamin C and E, and Lemon essential oil, helps nourish and protect skin against environmental factors. Skin is delightfully-scented, looking and feeling supple and silky-soft. Ingredients: Vitamins C and E, Blackberry extract.  
For All Skin Types. This mild water-activated body gel foams up in bath or shower to gently cleanse and refresh as it awakens the senses, leaving skin feeling fresh, silky-soft and toned. Ingredients: Remoduline Extract Lemon, Orange and Bergamot essential oils