Carita Ideal Hydration


All Skin Type

For All Skin Types. The hydro-energising care gelée des lagons thoroughly cleanses the face, even the eye and lip areas. Sprinkled with moisturising* and energising micro-beads, this unctuous, deliciously fresh gel leaves the skin supple, toned and the complexion glowing. Remove make-up from the face, the eye and lip areas, provides immediate moisturisation. Usage: Put a small amount of gelée des lagons in the palm of your hand and apply allover the face to remove make-up andimpurities.
CAD: $55.00
USD: $42.31
For All Skin Types.  A  fresh, toning skincare lotion, eau des lagons rids the face of any remaining impurities and quenches the skin�s thirst, leaving it supple, soothed and full of vitality. Papaya extract refines the skin's texture, revealing a clear and luminous complexion. Complete make-up removal, refines the skin's texture, provides immediate moisturisation. Usage: Saturate a cotton pad with eau des lagons and apply using upward movements over the face and downward stroking movements over the neck area.
CAD: $55.00
USD: $42.31
 For All Skin Types.A concentrated moisture booster, sérum des lagons stimulates the skin's natural irrigation system.Wildflower extract facilitates the diffusion of moisture through the skin thanks to aquaporin technology, while codium extract helps improve the moisture potential within the cells Dynamic and long-lasting moisturisation, stimulation of cells metabolism, skin grain refinement. Usage: Apply on a perfectly cleansed face avoiding the eye contour. To be used in the morning and / or evening before your cream.
CAD: $95.00
USD: $73.08
For All Skin Types. Bain des lagons (Lagoon Bath) quenches even the thirstiest skins, instantly "plumping up" cells and increasing the skin�s ability to maintain its moisture reserves thanks to skinbarrier strengthening samphire extract. This cream-mask is speckled with moisturising and energising micro-beads that boost epidermal vitality. Immediate moisturisation, cutaneous barrier reinforcement, skin vitality and radiance improvementUsage: After cleansing, apply evenly to the face.
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
For All Skin Types. Bursting with restructuring and moisture-retaining ingredients, crème des lagons increases the skin�s ability to maintain its moisture reserves and offers continuoushydration with a moisture-diffusing virtual micro-patch, which creates a genuine drop-by-drop moisturising system.This protective and preventive anti-ageing skincare helps to energise the skin and reinforce its natural defence system.Immediate and long-lasting moisturisation, stimulation of cells metabolism protection from outer aggressions.Usage:
CAD: $125.00
USD: $96.15