BB Cream Alex Cosmetic

The Power of Herbal BB Cream. Alex Cosmetic creates products utilizing the finest and purest herbal ingredients in combination with unique formulations to assure the highest level of quality. Our background represents a blend of herbal, cosmetic and pharmaceutical knowledge developed and passed on over generations. The use of advanced technology and insights of the latest medical and cosmetic developments are incorporated into our products. We use minimal preservatives in our formulations and select only those ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin. The products can be used in multiple combinations and are therefore suitable for comprehensive care of any type of skin. With regular use, the skin becomes calmer and maintains a stronger and more vibrant appearance.

RE 9 Advanced

Tired of turtlenecks? Visibly firm and tighten the décolleté and neck, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
CAD: $102.00
USD: $78.46
Lose yourself in the luxurious lather of this intensely moisturizing wash, with antioxidants and vitamins, that nourishes skin and enhances radiance.
CAD: $47.00
USD: $36.15

FC 5

After stepping out of the shower, reach for this lotion to moisturize and refresh for extra soft, smooth skin.
CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92
All set for your morning routine. Includes Purifying Cleanser + Toner, Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20, and Mattifying Powder. A $128 value, for $115.
CAD: $115.00
USD: $88.46
Going to the matte for you. This oil-absorbing powder helps minimize shine while concealing skin redness for a perfect matte finish.
CAD: $37.00
USD: $28.46

Clear Future

Salicylic acid in the formula helps dry and clear up acne pimples, joining forces with a lightweight, non-oily lotion to add moisture without shine, absorbing oil while soothing and preventing dryness.
CAD: $48.00
USD: $36.92

Arbonne Intelligence

Beauty is only skin deep, so make the most of it. This device gently warms at the tip while massaging product onto the outer layers of the skin. With just one addition to your daily regimen, you can experience enhanced results from your favorite products and uncover amazing renewed skin.
CAD: $514.00
USD: $395.38