Alex Noblesse Line

The product line AX2 Noblesse of Alec Cosmetic develops beauty treatments of the highest standards. The extent of scientific research is greatly attributed to the highly effective ingredients that are chosen and extracted from herbs and plant with maximum concentration which lead to the creation of this innovative skincare line. Success is demonstrated in visible results:firm facial contours,smooth and even skin texture with a radiant complexion.

All Skin Type

Alex Lily Hydra Cleansing Milk
Cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin. A creamy gentle cleanser for dry or sensitive skin. Cleanses the skin deeply yet gently, without drying it out. Eliminates make-up and surface impurities while it protects the natural balance of the skin. Enriched with energizing and softening ingredients, natural oils (Almond Oil) and plant extracts (White Water Lily, Witch Hazel Extract) leave the skin clean, refreshed and invigorated.                     
CAD: $48.00
USD: $36.92
Alex Lily Hydra Tonic
Rich, soft tonic to stimulate and refresh the skin. Alcohol-free lotion with white water lily extracts. Shows soothing properties and prevents skin irritations. Refreshes and stimulates the skin. Panthenol (Provitamin B5) and Allantoin increase the moisture content in the skin. All skin types will appreciate its refreshing feel. Maximizes benefits when followed up with care products.                      
CAD: $48.00
USD: $36.92
Alex High Performance Relaxing Mask
Nourishing, energizing cream pack. This relaxing mask returns the natural radiance to the skin after the first application. A dull complexion becomes immediately refreshed. Beneficial ingredients such as Soja oil, Vitamin E and DNA improve the moisture content of the skin, keeping the skin fresh and smooth. The skin is visibly revitalized with a cooling and rejuvinating effect.                     
CAD: $64.00
USD: $49.23
Alex Ultimate Enzyme Exfoliating Cream
Gentle, enriched facial peeling cream with Enzymes. Gently removes impurities and dead surface cells. Removes devitalized cells with the help of Papaya-Enzyme. Helps to stimulate cell renewal, essential for skin firmness and revitalization. Lesser Cerandine soothes and protects the skin. The combination of Almond Oil, Salvia and Peanut oil keeps the skin refined, smooth, and more absorbant for subsequent skin care routines. For all skin types.
CAD: $58.00
USD: $44.62
Alex Actival Multi Vital Cream
Multi Vital Cream. Facial nourishing cream concentrate for demanding skin. A gentle facial cream designed to enhance skin elasticity, firmness and texture. Protein anti-oxidants protect the skin against environmental aggressors that contribute to premature aging. Marines Collagen, Phytohormones and Ceramides help infuse skin with an intensive dose of long lasting hydration and maximize firmness and radiance.                     
CAD: $78.00
USD: $60.00
Alex Absolut Nano Hyaluron Essence
Nano Hyaluron Essence, Hydrating serum with Micro-Hyaluron Acid. A light, intensive serum with a combination of carefully chosen ingredients (Micro-Hyaluron Acid, Aloe Vera) that increase hydration of the skin and improve its ability to retain moisture. Active ingredients, White Tea, Yams extract and Panthenol (Provitamin B5) protect the skin from environmental influences, soothe and prevent skin irritations. The skin appears delicated and refreshed.                     
CAD: $92.00
USD: $70.77