AhavaSkin Care AHAVA® products work their magic with their unique blend of minerals from The Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has a mineral content of 32% which is by far the most mineral-rich body of water in the world. The Dead Sea has been known since antiquity as a place of awe, and profound mystery. A place of magical and health giving properties. Cleopatra sought here the secrets of eternal beauty, and its legendary balsam was highly prized by kings and queens. The only cosmetics enterprise indigenous to the Dead Sea region, AHAVA is driven by a deep passion to unearth the secrets of the revitalizing effects

Hair Care

Let’s go a little deeper — just a few minutes can help bring back moisture destroyed during the color treatment with a penetrating masque that starts at the root to help soften and restore hair’s strength and luster.
CAD: $65.00
USD: $50.00
Love your color? Our exclusive ColorLast Technology maximizes color longevity while providing softness and shine.
CAD: $46.00
USD: $35.38

RE 9 Advanced

Dimples go great with a smile, not anywhere else. Try this fabulous body cream that supports collagen, promoting firmer-looking, smoother-feeling skin.
CAD: $87.00
USD: $66.92

RE 9 Advanced for Men

Micromanagement can be a good thing. Our dual-purpose facial cleanser washes away dirt and oil buildup while micro exfoliants slough off dead skin cells to smooth skin and help reduce ingrown hairs. 118 ml
CAD: $43.00
USD: $33.08

Arbonne Intelligence

Join now and receive 40% off as a Preferred Client or 50% off as a Consultant when you buy the Genius Ultra Anti-Aging ASVP which includes the Genius Ultra plus 2 more items!
CAD: $350.00
USD: $269.23

Rescue & Renew

Take time to release your stress and soak in all the goodness of a warm bath. Quick-dissolving sea salt crystals help remove surface impurities and cleanse the skin, while turmeric root extract helps boost radiance. Emerge from your bath with smoother, softer skin, all ready for replenishment. Net wt. 16 fl.
CAD: $49.00
USD: $37.69
A fresh way to cool down. This cooling gel can be rubbed on to help soothe tired muscles, as well as provide hydration for soft, smooth-looking skin thanks to green algae. Juniper berry fruit oil helps replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier, as aromatic lavender and tangerine peel oils promote a sense of balance and peace. Net wt. 12 fl. oz./ 354 ml
CAD: $75.00
USD: $57.69

ABC Arbonne Baby Care

Formulated for delicate skin, this soothing blend of natural emollients shea butter, aloe, and chamomile gently nourishes baby’s dry skin. Safe for sensitive skin, it’s designed to deliver gentle moisture so everything else can be smooth as a baby’s bottom too.
CAD: $26.00
USD: $20.00
Formulated with antioxidants, vitamins and soothing botanicals, our water-resistant sunscreen protects, nurtures and moisturizes baby’s delicate skin.
CAD: $41.00
USD: $31.54

Shea Butter

Moisturizer softens and soothes. Our hand cream is formulated to help provide long-lasting nourishment by replenishing moisture and is gentle enough for dry skin. Our non-greasy formula is fast-absorbing and leaves skin feeling silky and soft. | 3 fl.
CAD: $26.00
USD: $20.00

Pure Mint

You’ve got a reason to smile. Brushing daily with this fluoride-free toothpaste helps cleanse, brighten and prevent plaque and tartar build-up on teeth for close-up confidence. Flavored with mint and spearmint, our formula contains antioxidants from white tea, ginger, grape, pomegranate and cranberry extracts. Formulated without artificial colors and sweetened with the natural ingredient xylitol.
CAD: $21.00
USD: $16.15