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Lined Eyes Make up

Now that chilly weather is here, not only will you need to change your skin care routine, but your make-up bag will need a makeover too. Here are the absolute must-haves for the season. Winter is glamorous in the way summer never can be. And, there is one word to sum up make-up for this season: polished (think: classic Celine-style rather than flashy Versace). Understated, smoky shades of coffee and chocolate for eyes, fresh berry shades on cheeks and lips are the of-the-moment palettes -...

New Research Identifies Additional Vitamins That Can Benefit the Skin

SAN FRANCISCO – In the quest to stop the aging process and reverse the signs of sun damage, consumers spent 5 billion dollars on cosmetics in 2001 according to market research, 56 percent of that on skin care products alone.


Sunlight is made up of many different waves or rays. One group of sunlight rays is visible light. Visible light is safe and necessary for life. Most of the other sunlight rays are dangerous. The majority of these are blocked by the earth\'s atmosphere. The part of the atmosphere that blocks many of these dangerous rays is the ozone layer. X-rays and gamma rays are examples of dangerous sunlight rays which are completely blocked by the ozone layer. Other dangerous rays such as ultraviolet...

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive About Your Skin?
NEW YORK – Does the thought of trying new cosmetic products lead to anxiety about whether or not you’ll have a reaction to the product? Do you scrupulously read ingredient lists trying to determine what it is that continually makes your face red and irritated? Then you may be one of the more than 40 percent of people who consider themselves to have sensitive skin. But what exactly is sensitive skin and how can you determine what it is that makes your skin...

Applying Your Make-up for Work

Work and play have very different aspects to them. The same holds true when applying make-up for the different events. Generally for work you will use colors that are more neutral, like subtle colors and earth tones. This gives you a professional look and gives an aire of confidence to those you come in contact with. Most of the time if a person wears loud colors in a professional environment, everyone seems to not take that person seriously. Now let's get to the particulars.

Skin rejuvenation Laser SilkTouch

The SilkTouch aesthetic CO2 laser is a revolutionary technology for skin resurfacing. The SilkTouch laser is the first laser to be approved by the FDA for wrinkle removal. The physician uses the SilkTouch laser like an artist’s brush to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Deep laugh and frown lines can be softened. The silk touch laser will also improve scars from acne, trauma, surgery or disease. In addition this laser has the ability to make stretch marks less...